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Hungry Hippos Bounce House

Hungry Hippos Bounce House


8-hour maximum rental.

Delivery required.

Price does NOT include delivery fee.

  • 30′ DIAMETER
  • Maximum of 8 children inside the inflatable at a time OR maximum of 4 adults inside the inflatable. Note: Customer is liable for tears caused by excessive weight.
  • NO shoes, but socks are REQUIRED.
  • NO food, drinks, or candy inside the inflatable.
  • NO hanging from netting or basketball hoops.
  • NO “silly string” or confetti in or near the inflatable. “Silly string” is highly flammable! Note: Customer is liable for damage and $500-$5000 fee.
  • NO animals inside the inflatable. Note: $50 minimum fee for damages.
  • If a DRY inflatable is returned WET, the customer is liable for a $45 minimum fee.
  • Do NOT leave children unattended.
  • Only ONE person at a time on slides.
  • In the case of rain, all children must exit the bounce house. You must, also, shut off the blower switch and deflate the bounce house. Re-inflate when the rain stops. Note: Inflatables may make bubbles after getting wet, so wipe them out as needed.
  • In the case of high winds, make sure the stakes of the inflatable are still deeply secured in the ground. Deflate and remove children from the bounce house for high winds over 25 mph.
  • Observe specific instructions and warnings on the bounce house.
  • Relax and HAVE FUN!